List products

Lists all available Climate product objects.


No parameters.

More parameters

  • ending_beforestring

  • limitinteger

  • starting_afterstring


A dictionary with a data property that contains an array of up to limit products, starting after product starting_after. Each entry in the array is a separate product object. If no more products are available, the resulting array is empty.

GET /v1/climate/products
curl -G \
-u "sk_test_4eC39Hq...arjtT1zdp7dcsk_test_4eC39HqLyjWDarjtT1zdp7dc:" \
-d limit=3
"object": "list",
"url": "/v1/climate/products",
"has_more": false,
"data": [
"id": "climsku_frontier_offtake_portfolio_2027",
"object": "climate.product",
"created": 1881439203,
"current_prices_per_metric_ton": {
"usd": {
"amount_fees": 1650,
"amount_subtotal": 55000,
"amount_total": 56650
"delivery_year": 2027,
"livemode": false,
"metric_tons_available": "18000",
"name": "Frontier's 2027 offtake portfolio",
"suppliers": [
"id": "climsup_charm_industrial",
"object": "climate.supplier",
"info_url": "",
"livemode": false,
"locations": [
"city": "San Francisco",
"country": "US",
"latitude": 37.7749,
"longitude": -122.4194,
"region": "CA"
"name": "Charm Industrial",
"removal_pathway": "biomass_carbon_removal_and_storage"

Forwarding RequestPreview feature

Instructs Stripe to make a request on your behalf using the destination URL. The destination URL is activated by Stripe at the time of onboarding. Stripe verifies requests with your credentials provided during onboarding, and injects card details from the payment_method into the request.

Stripe redacts all sensitive fields and headers, including authentication credentials and card numbers, before storing the request and response data in the forwarding Request object, which are subject to a 30-day retention period.

You can provide a Stripe idempotency key to make sure that requests with the same key result in only one outbound request. The Stripe idempotency key provided should be unique and different from any idempotency keys provided on the underlying third-party request.

Forwarding Requests are synchronous requests that return a response or time out according to Stripe’s limits.

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Webhook Endpoints

You can configure webhook endpoints via the API to be notified about events that happen in your Stripe account or connected accounts.

Most users configure webhooks from the dashboard, which provides a user interface for registering and testing your webhook endpoints.

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Stripe Shell
Test mode
Welcome to the Stripe Shell! Stripe Shell is a browser-based shell with the Stripe CLI pre-installed. Log in to your Stripe account and press Control + Backtick (`) on your keyboard to start managing your Stripe resources in test mode. - View supported Stripe commands: - Find webhook events: - Listen for webhook events: - Call Stripe APIs: stripe [api resource] [operation] (e.g., )
The Stripe Shell is best experienced on desktop.